Location: Underway to Dominica

My day started off bright and early, minus the bright part, at 4 AM when I was awoken by Lilly for my watchcoming up the main companionway, I was greeted by probably the starriest night we’ve had so far on Argo. The watch team before us made sure we knew just how many shooting stars they had seen. For the next four hours, we sailed along with engines off, cruising at a solid 8 knots. Watch team Uno was then treated to a gorgeous sunrise, with absolutely no land in sight, before heading back to bed until lunch. After our delicious pesto grilled cheeses prepared by Alex, Biz, and Faloon, we had two classes, PSCT and Oceanography. After that came everyone’s favorite, Deck showers. Today’s shower was particularly hectic and cold, and was accompanied by a great deal of squealing, and not all from the girls. Before dinner, in keeping with Argo tradition, I, as the skipper, posed a question to the group during the squeeze. Today’s question asked where you saw the person sitting to the left of you in ten years. Answers ranged from specific to vague, the serious to the hysterical, and left us all laughing. As I write this, I’m sitting in the chart house. Out the portholes, I can see my fellow shipmates scrubbing the deck and washing the dishes, just like we’ve been doing for the past 60 days. It seems weird that I’ve only been here for two months because it feels like so much longer. With the 2/3 mark upon us, I think everyone is starting to realize how much we will miss Argo when we are gone. I hope everyone is doing well at home, especially those getting dumped on by snow.