Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today was our first full day in Antigua. To start, we had a delicious breakfast consisting of cereal and fruit. Once we completed that meal, we began our fantastic day with a trip to Stingray City. In what was a crazy, exciting environment, we went via boat over to a roped-off area where wild stingrays come and go as they please. What we saw amazed us. We got to see these beautiful creatures up close. We even got to touch and feed them (they ate squid right out of our hands.) With the beautiful sky above, it made for a perfect atmosphere after a long day at sea the day before. This once-in-a-lifetime experience was so cool, and it was only the beginning of our day.

Following this amazing excursion, we came back to the dockyard area and had most of the afternoon to use as free time. We all split up into our little groups and did a bunch of different things. Everyone went to either an incredible restaurant or the bakery, which sold some yummy treats. We went to the convenience store to pick up much-needed essentials and great snacks for the next few days. We also got to take freshwater showers on land, which was an awesome feeling.

The day culminated with a tasty dinner cooked by Steph, which included a delicious Gnocchi a la Romaine and sauted green beans. This meal was enjoyable, and since it is Captain Ian’s birthday, we all sang happy birthday to him and were treated to a beautiful cake decorated with a mayo jar because Cap loves it and swears it tastes good on everything. We ended tonight with leadership, which brought up some great conversations.

Today was a fantastic first full day here in Antigua, and I can’t wait for tomorrow to continue this trend.

Happy birthday, Cap!!!