Location: Machico, Madeira

Today started off strong with a breakfast for champions that included yogurt, granola, and tropical fruit salad. After breakfast, a select few were taken to the clinic to treat minor injuries. While Ben and a few of us went to the clinic, Lolo, Margaux, and Sarah worked hard to check off some of the requirements for the Divemaster training. The water is pretty chilly here, but they fought through the cold and got some good practice in. While clinic run and DMT were happening, Brahm and Amanda chaperoned everyone else on a big snack run to the nearby supermarket. We were informed that this would likely be our last chance to buy snacks before our second Atlantic crossing, so people went a little crazy and bought all of their favorite things to get them through late-night watches. After injuries were taken care of at the clinic, the grocery store was raided by the last few of us. Many chocolate cakes were bought and eaten, and everyone walked out with at least some sort of snack. After lunch, we had marine biology with Amanda, where we learned about arthropods, echinoderms, and tunicates. Then we had seamanship with Smash, where we continued to dive into the world of charting. Everyone was in high spirits, so classes were a breeze, and deck/jump-in showers, despite the colder weather, were super fun. The rest of the afternoon consisted primarily of everyone opening, consolidating, and organizing all of their new snacks. After that, we had dinner, which consisted of shepherd’s pie, dinner rolls, and blondies which are a type of brownie. following dinner, we had a session to work on our group research projects for Oceanography. We are trying to finish up academics around the time we arrive in the Caribbean, so we are pushing hard to fit a lot in now. Overall the day was full of stoke, and now Argo is completely stocked full of snacks.

Pictured: The doughboys on the hike yesterday; Promposal in the clouds yesterday; Grocery store; Clinic room; fo’s and snacks in the port six; Passing the pan; Sexy starb sixes; pots and pans; In the hole; snails