Location: Underway to Gran Canaria

This morning, my oceanography research group got up an hour or so early to start taking our data samples. We were met with a peaceful morning and a beautiful sunrise, with cool temperatures perfect for sweats and a long-sleeved tee. 7:00 hit, and with the use of Brian’s speaker (thanks Brian), wake-ups were held to the tune of The Offspring’s Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated), and a full weather and breakfast report was given. The gophs got breakfast on the deck, and we all enjoyed some blueberry muffins and cereal brought to us by galley crew Marion (yes, head chef), Brian, and Ethan. The rest of the morning consisted of Leadership and Oceanography, followed by some free time until lunch (perfect for a deep nap).

The afternoon hit with everyone enthusiastically jumping into passage prep. It’s no small feat to get Ago and her crew ready for departure, and I was surprised at how quickly we were able to mark things off of the checklist. With everything triple-checked, all of our things 40/40, and Argo looking neat and tidy, we raised the anchor and began our passage to Gran Canaria. Highlights of the afternoon included getting the forward staysail, main staysail, and mainsail up, seeing the guys snap the handy-billy line, seeing Lance be very confused on the density of his dinner rolls, and listening to Tim’s beautiful rendition of Usher’s Yeah! Feat. Lil’ John.
Dinner was veggie burgers, rice, broccoli, and rolls, paired with an absolutely insane sunset to make for a perfect evening. Tonight’s question for squeeze: What’s a time in your life that you’ve felt completely helpless? The question definitely weighed heavy, but people were extremely open and honest, and it brought us all the more closer.
I’m excited to be underway again, even if it’s only a 30-hour passage, and very pumped for watch schedules. Very grateful to everyone for a fantastic day.

Signing off, 10/4, over and out, all of the other ways you can say this incorrectly, sorry Smash,

morning cleanup at the dishy pit
Julie, Bella, Andrew, Wyatt, and Seve on the mail staysail
sunset at dinner

Current position: 3210.76′ N x 01649.66′ W