Location: Jack Sparrow Island

This morning seemed to be our first drowsy morning, with almost half of us asleep until wake up at 7. Those of us not up quickly jumped out of bed to the smell of a pancake breakfast. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we have a new appreciation for chunky peanut butter. Our breakfast in the cockpit started with stories of the “pirates” (don’t worry, it was only a local fishing boat) that came by to look at our boat late last night and how we warded them off with headlamps. All that quickly ended with a torrential downpour that left us scrambling to grab our clothes off the line and get down before we were soaked. Some of us braved the rain and, for the first time, put on our rain gear to watch the storm.

After we dried off, we had our first oceanography lecture! After learning about the history of the ocean and about important figures in the field and lunch, those working towards their open water diving certification packed up their gear and finished our confined dive requirements. While we were out breathing underwater, certified divers now dubbed snorkel team 6 or the combustion boys had the opportunity to learn about engines with Jon. We had quiet time until dinner, which was filled with studying, reading, intense chess games (which are considered training to attempting to beat Tom in at least one game), and laughter. Of course, I can’t forget the three boys fishing off the stern. Whenever anyone asked, they said that they had caught a ton of fish, all with the measurement 40.

Yet again, the rain hit, and we rushed to grab dinner and put it all downstairs. Instead of our normal dinner in the cockpit, we had a karaoke night over chili. While I write this, the karaoke continues (probably not to the crew’s liking) as we prep for our first movie night. The real question is, how are 24 of us going to decide on one movie, and what is that going to be?

Despite the rain and terrible singing, all of us are having the time of our lives. Despite it only being day 8, we are incredibly close, and I feel very lucky to be with such a good group of people!

Until next time,


PS. To everyone at home, I am having the best time. I miss you and love you!



1. Max and Finley fishing

2. Finley, Shona, Tom, and Leonie pulling up the dinghies.

3. Seth and some of the others during study time.