Location: Asdhao (Sun I)

Hey everyone, back home!

Today has been another great day filled with tons of laughter, work, and fun!

Many woke up early this morning and got a start on working on their “cheeky backies” (backflips off the bow.) Jon made sure to teach the correct techniques, and almost everyone has now gotten them down! Everyone was in such a great mood when waking up, and it feels as though we’re all starting to get used to our routines on the boat! We are getting up early, and some even are working out on the boat, watching the sunrise, or even just hanging out with each other on our previous’s night watch. Everyone is also finally not falling asleep during the day or at 8 pm!

Tons of us got to keep working on our PADI diving training, and others got to go snorkeling on the other side of Jack Sparrows Island! We all got to see a lot of cool fish, and many saw sea turtles and an eagle ray! The water is amazing, and it’s just so surreal that we are in the middle of the Indian Ocean, getting to learn and live this kind of life.

We also have some tarot cards on the boat. Myra and I have been giving people readings or reading chakra energies, and it’s beyond interesting and super fun. Tons of people asked to have their cards read today, and many times it was the first time they had ever had something like that done. The cool thing about the cards is it actually starts deeper conversations between everyone, and we’re all getting to know each other beyond surface conversations.

Every day that goes by, it seems as though we’re all getting closer and more like family. We all seem to have some sort of connection to one another, whether that’s just the boat Vela or little things here and there. The energy and the people on the boat are just unmatched. Everyone seems so grateful, happy, and just living in the moment. The staff are also just amazing and cannot be replaced! (The chicken parm can’t be matched either)

All in all, we are beyond blessed and can’t wait for the next day and adventure!

Miss you guys back home,




1. Group photo at the stern.

2. Danner braiding Mos hair.

3.Finley with Valentina in the background.

4. Robbie and Noah playing guitar while Trey and Henry battle out a game of chess.

5. Lucia, Emily, Carley, Myra, and Madz