Location: N 4˚09.182' E 73˚20.637'

Hi Friends and Family,

Today I woke everyone up by playing some music through a Bluetooth speaker. I had the last anchor watch of the night, so there was a solid 20 minutes where I was up to while everyone else was still asleep, and it was extremely peaceful. We started out with a peach cake for breakfast before sending the certified divers off to go on our first deep dive. The current at the dive site was insanely strong, and we were cruising until we came around an eddy, and then we were swimming with all of our might to move just a little bit. After the divers returned, we had a bit of time to study before lunch, and Dylan, Gillian, and Myra took advantage of the time to get laundry done, which is something that I have been procrastinating just a little bit.

After lunch, we got the ship 40/40 for passage from Ari Atoll back to Male, where tomorrow we will have to say a sad goodbye to our captain Marc, but we will also welcome two new staff members. Once everything was 40/40, there was a little bit more time to study and watch the beginning of Moana before Seamanship class, where Elle taught us about anchors, docking, exposure suits, and some emergency procedures. After the class, we finished watching Moana before sitting down for our final dinner with Captain Marc. The chefs, B, Emily, and Sierra, cooked up some rice with peanut sauce that was amazing, and then Amy brought out some freshly baked brownies, which were some of the best brownies in existence. During the squeeze, we went around and said the things that we appreciate most about Marc and gave him a letter that all of the staff and crew wrote.


1. San, Angie, Tom watching as Carly Cate ease to Forward Staysail

2. Emily and Seth pulling up the Halliard

3. Myra and Dylan doing Laundry