Location: Underway to Palau

We’re closing in on Palau as it is currently 290 nautical miles away. The student-led passage started during squeeze after dinner, and it is exciting seeing my friends lead and take control of Argo as we bring her to a whole new place.

My day started with the 8-12 watch last night. You might think that that is not the current day, but you are mistaken because the entire passage is one long, extended day. Watch went by quickly last night because Tim joined us and played a game called “Contact,” which ended with everyone choosing words that no one else could guess. I went on bow watch with Cole, and we talked about weird Argoisms that we would bring home. For example: After you make your bed, you say “MADE!!!” You might think that joke would only last 5 minutes, but we stretched it out to last an hour. I then had the 8-12 morning shift, which was fun… and HOT. It is not an enjoyable feeling when you wake up and immediately feel sweaty and sticky. I got woken up by Max in a funny way, and we almost woke the rest of the crew up with our laughter. We had as pleasant of a watch as possible. We continued the game of Contact for about 2.5 hours this morning. The rest of the day was just as enjoyable, we took our Oceanography final exam today, and it seems like everyone did well. We have our final exam for marine biology tomorrow, so wish us luck! I am going to bed because I have to be up for the 4-8 tomorrow and have a long day of cooking and writing my final papers.

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My newly shorn locks were sacrificed to Neptune
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