Location: Les Saintes

We woke up this morning in the rainy bay of Portsmouth, Dominica. Quick shout out to Joni, whose birthday is today!! Happy Birthday, JayBay! Breakfast was a delicious combination of fried eggs, sausage, cheese, and homemade biscuits prepared by our fabulous chefs. After breakfast, we all sat down to our Marine Biology lecture in preparation for our second identification quiz coming up in two days. We also went over the types of organisms found in different tidal zones and watched a documentary narrated by the one and only David Attenborough. It was a pretty interesting lecture, and it was really nice to have it related back to yesterday’s Oceanography class on tides.

When Marine Biology was finished, everyone got into place for passage prep to Les Saintes in Guadeloupe. Now, this wasn’t any ordinary passage. This was our first-ever student-led passage. Although the processes stayed relatively similar, it was oddly nerve-wracking not to have the direct orders from Nick and Tor through each step. The anchor team got ready, the anchor raise went smoothly, and we idled away from land to give ourselves some room to raise the sails. It was pretty rainy all morning, but the wind and rain picked up quite a bit at this point. This made the sail raises a little more difficult than usual, but we persevered in getting up the main, foresail and staysail and falling off to port. This all happened in the record time of one full hour! Coming out from land, we raised the jib and made our way northwest to Les Saintes. Once we were underway making way, our sail went much more smoothly and quickly. We all organized one-hour watch teams and navigated on our own. Personally, I’m really proud of how we all did. Everyone was attentive and respectful to each other throughout the whole sail. A few highlights of the day happened during sail two. One that comes to mind is when Tor caught her first big Mahi! It was crazy cool to see her pull it in on her own, then watch Nick show her how to slice and dice. Another that stands out was when we jibed through a small passage in the Iles des Saintes, and a bunch of us all joked around while tending the sheets on the bow. After a successful sail, we anchored in Terre de Haut and had a full-fledged fire drill, which also went quite well. Tonight, we are all getting prepped for our MTE Radio License exam and a birthday celebration with some chocolate cake afterward!