Location: Ile Fourche to Statia

Our view of the sunrise from the top of Ile Fourche was well worth getting up at 5:15 in the morning to take a stumbling hike. The stumbling was partly due to the sleep we were still wiping from our eyes and also because of the trailblazing on an overgrown path. None the less, it was quite the adventure in the twilight hours of the morning. Once we got back to the boat, breakfast again gave my day as skipper a shot of joy. Biscuits and honey, with a little bit of peanut butter, are beautiful things to say good morning to.

Today we sailed to St. Eustatius ( AKA Statia) without the help of the staff! That may not sound like a huge feat to some but for us it was a huge accomplishment getting the boat from one country to another! From the chartwork and navigating to starting of the main engine and the raising of sails, we successfully came together as a crew playing on each others strengths to get the job done. Mission accomplished. It was a very triumphant moment as we dropped anchor and put the sail covers back on and the staff gave us a round of applause.

After a dinner we moved on to have our MTE sailing class where we got to go over how things went that day; what could have been better, and what went well. A few different strategies of navigation were also covered, nicely wrapping up the evening. Good night and good day to all from the crew of Ocean Star.