Location: Statia

With the final rotations of the job wheel, our days on O’Star are slowly sailing away into the Caribbean Sea. Although this topic is forbidden to speak of, we all know we need to cherish what time we have left . In the morning we had a Marine Bio class where we gave fish presentations from the fish that we choose to research during our dive class back in the Bay of Confusion. Then the rescue divers, Ed, Ryn and Matt quickly sprung into action as Tor rushed down at the end of the class to inform them of “SHENANIGANS”! She had a dive buddy that was in need of saving and that they should quickly go rescue him. They completed their last rescue scenarios with ease and confidence as the diver (It was me pretending to be unconscious) was successfully brought back to the boat and saved!

After the rescue scenario some of us went to shore for cafes, chicken ribs and adventures. It was a quite sleepy little town but we enjoyed just checking out a new place. In the afternoon the Dive Masters candidates, Will and Van, successfully completed their equipment exchange task and tested off a few other skills. Now that we are cleaning up after dinner, the Dive Master Candidates and Rescue Divers will soon take their final exams while everyone else is making good use of study time to finish up some projects that are in the works.