Location: Perhentians, Malaysia

Today has been a great day underwater – unfortunately one hour short! After breakfast as we were preparing for class, the dive boat and captain pulled up along side, an hour early we thought. We were soon to discover the Malaysia is one hour ahead of Thailand so we sprang to action and prepared for the dive. We were soon motoring across a flat calm ocean towards Tokong Laut or the Pinnacles. Our driver took us on an exhilarating ride skirting between some narrow cuts between the rocks. Upon arrival at the dive site, we quickly dropped over the side and down onto the rock formation below. We were treated to sightings of baby nurse sharks, puffer fish and many schools of fish. We circumnavigated the pinnacle with a maximum depth of 75ft. In places where the current was strongest the fish life abounded. We surfaced and enjoyed another fast boat ride to Argo. Once back we had our delayed MTE class and then shuttled ashore for lunch. My favourite treat was the Mars Shakes, which were even better than I had remembered 10 years ago! The shipmates all enjoyed lunch ashore and internet time. Mike and Leah spent some time under the boat working on Dive Master skills, they completed their equipment exchange with great skill. We have just had Mexican tortillas for dinner and everyone is preparing for a night dive at Batu Nisan, and there is hope for sightings of parrotfish in the nighttime cocoon. Another great day on Argo.