Location: Terre-de-haut, Les Saintes

Ocean Star awoke to an exhausted crew this morning as a select few set out on an adventurous early morning hike. After an invigorating hike, our four crewmembers and first mate, Cooper, summited the peak of the nearby mountain overlooking the bay and watched a stunning sunrise. Back on Ocean Star, everyone woke up peacefully as I chose Fleetwood Macs song, Landslide, to awaken my fellow crewmates. Shortly after waking up in the French islands of Les Saintes, breakfast preparations began as Robbie (who claims to be French) began his signature dish of overnight marinated French toast topped with decadent blueberry pie filling. We gathered at the stern to brief for what would be our first-night dive of the voyage. Soon many of my crewmates began to study for an Oceanography quiz that would take place after lunch. The quiz came and went as many had their minds on the idea of night diving. In order to prepare for the night dive, we snorkeled to learn the lay of the land. Some chose this time to conduct research for their group projects in oceanography. As soon as dinner was done and the dishes were clean, the sun began to sink below the horizon. It was time to set up our scuba gear and get aboard the dinghies to head to the dive site. I did not hear any of my crewmates describe our first-night diving experience as anything short of incredible. I know I speak for all of my crewmates when I say this memory will be one that lasts a lifetime. It was another fast and eventful day aboard Ocean Star. If you blink, you might miss the day, and thats the Ocean Star way.

Mom and Dad, many of my crewmates, find my Mississippi accent quite amusing, haha Tell the family I said hey from some French island in the Caribbean.