Location: Terre-de-haut, Les Saintes

Today started out like any other day on Ocean Star; the crew got their daily wake-up call at 7 am. However, our tired faces soon turned to smiles as we walked up on deck for breakfast and saw that our lovely staff had surprised us with fresh baked goods from one of the bakeries on the island of Terre de Haute, Les Saintes, as a welcome to Francelandia, as Marina put it. Immediately after breakfast, we were ushered downstairs to take our Oceanography midterm, so Im sure you all can imagine the excitement. After our test, we raised anchor and quickly motored over to a petite little town about 20 minutes away. Before we got there, though, we had a man overboard drill as our poor buoy, Oscar, was thrown off. The crew scurried and was able to get our lovely crewmember back on board in 11 minutes. We then got some fun news when we learned that we had the rest of the day until dinner to explore the small French town. We all spent our day exploring the town, and we were all able to find amazing places to sit down and eat lunch, after which we got a chance to look through the dozens of shops and find gifts for our loved ones back home.