Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou, The Grenadines

Today was an early wake-up. I had to wake everyone up at 5:30 am for sunrise breakfast. We jumped into the water and snorkeled from the boat to Sandy Island. There’s no better way to start the day than snorkeling at sunrise. After the swim, we had some yogurt and granola on the beach. We climbed up some palm trees and cut down some coconuts. The breakfast view was amazing. After swimming back to the boat, we did our daily clean-up after breakfast and got ready to start the day. Then, we had some study time to catch up with some work and study for some of our exams this week. Jill and Amanda went to town to do some provisioning. Captain Carolyn made us lunch today; We had some delicious quiche with lots of veggies. It’s her birthday tomorrow!! It was finally time for some classes. We had Seamanship first. I really enjoy having a class up on deck, changing the environment a little. We had a short break, and we continued with an oceanography lecture to prepare for our first quizzes and tests this week. Then it was shower time, and we all jumped into the ocean and got ourselves cleaned. Our day ended with a tasty dinner of chicken fricass and a little salsa dance. The crew definitely needs some practice, but they will get there!

Pictured: Sunrise from Sandy Island; Sandy Island selfie; Jade and Miranda on the beach; Brit trying to open a coconut; Joseph opening coconuts; Carolyn, Amanda, Amy, and Jon enjoying the morning; Jill catching a crab; Steffen and Matt conquering the island; Joseph smiling about his coconut; Ridge and Carolyn with a cute puppy.