Location: Bali, Indonesia

Hello readers,

We started the day with class and some free time to explore around Bali or catch up on some sleep, which was great. Then the fun started when we drove to a coffee plantation where a monkey-looking animal called a Luwak eats the coffee beans and poops it back out, creating a tasty coffee. Afterward, we traveled to the beautiful temple of Uluwatu for a great Bali sunset, which sat atop massive cliffs with big crashing waves below. Inhabiting the temple where hundreds of monkeys were, we had multiple encounters, including Tighe’s hat being stolen and Tina having to defend herself from a monkey stealing her flip-flops. After the adventure at the temple, we got back in the vans and headed to a tasty seafood restaurant right on the beach. There we got to eat a great meal and have a few drinks, and we were back on the boat at 11.