Location: Bali, Indonesia

Hi from Bali!

Today, we had the day off, and we were allowed to explore the wonderful island of Bali! We all had great adventures; some went SCUBA diving with Mola mola (they are huge fish 2 meters across). Others ate breakfast while overlooking a volcano before going to see rice fields and other parts of the island. Some went on an 8-hour tour of Bali, and they got to see monkeys, a temple, and rice fields. I’ve also been told that they listened to over 5 hours of Maroon 5. The group that I went with decided to go to a waterfall and let me tell you the view was something out of a postcard. Standing at the bottom of the falls and looking up to see the rays of sun peeking through the foliage was worth the 45-minute hike. After the falls, we decided to go to Kuta to surf and walk around.

As I am writing this blog, we are cleaning up after dinner and are getting ready to watch a movie. But I think that all of us spent our last full day in Bali having the times of our lives.

Thanks for reading!