Location: Underway to Christmas Island

Good morning parents, and interested followers alike!
I am so sorry for the delay of this blog post, but yesterday evening got a little tough: The day started off with a beautiful cinnamon muffin breakfast followed by a Seamanship class in which we began learning some essential knots. The day then aimed its way towards Christmas Island with a super-efficient passage prep and exit off the dock. It was high afternoon, the sun was shining brightly upon our fried shoulders (I promise I’m putting on plenty of sunscreen, mom!), and the seas were sloshing high: 10 to 15-foot waves began rocking the boat back and forth. To get right to it, about a third of the crew spent the afternoon and evening with their heads over the side of Argo, praying that the seasickness medication would quickly kick in. I, as some of you may have deduced at this point, was part of that lucky third. However, as much as seasickness wants to debilitate your body, there is something about being in Indonesia, after visiting the most amazing islands you could think of, that just keeps you from thinking negatively or feeling truly bad – staring at a computer screen just wasn’t possible at that time. What is also truly heartwarming is the sense of selflessness that the entire crew has been radiating, as we grow closer and begin to understand the true meaning of “Ship, Ship Mate, Self”: while the third of us were temporarily incapacitated, others picked up the slack with no hesitation, offering to do jobs that were not theirs, while also offering water and comfort to the sick. It was a beautiful, stinky moment of familial bonding. As of right now, we are only half of a day into our crossing to Christmas Island, and the seas are still rocking pretty high. I hope all is well back home and all over. The 24 of us are having the experience of our lives, and we can not wait to share the boundless gratefulness we have for all of you who allowed us this opportunity. Here’s to 67 more days of unbelievable opportunities and untamed excitement.

Love you, Mom, Dad, Evan, and Alyssa!

Coordinates: 00903.53’S 11454.53’E