Location: Underway to St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

Today was another great day aboard Argo. Watch team 3 woke to a little rain in the morning, but by 10 the blue skies were back and stayed with us all day long. We had OCE class where we learned about how light and sound waves travel through water. In MTE class, we learned about man overboard drills and how to anchor. The afternoon was spent either studying for our first OCB test or working on PSCT flash cards. Although it was a perfect day out and we had our sails up, we continued to motor towards St. Helena in order to arrive before dark tomorrow night. Everyone is excited at the prospect of being able to go to shore and restock on the essential supplies (chocolate, coffee, and tea) as well as exploring the secluded island. Even though we are all looking forward to St. Helena, we’ve all grown fond of life at sea. I know we will all enjoy the chance to get out and stretch our legs, but at the same time it is nice knowing that in a couple days we will be back in the open ocean. Today came to a perfect end with a delicious sheppard’s pie made by Sean and Averill followed by an amazing sunset. Hope everyone is doing great back home! P.S. Gina, here’s your shout out!