Location: Nevis

A couple of days late on the blog post only emphasizes how busy we have been. After our first night anchored just off the coast of Nevis, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a typical Sea|mester breakfast of cereal and oatmeal.
We got a couple of hours ashore to shop for some more snacks and enjoy a real iced coffee. Weve all acquired a new appreciation for flushing toilets and ice-cold drinks.

In the afternoon, we met with some local fishermen and sea moss farmers. A group of locals opportunistically looked to other sources of income after noticing a decline in fish. Amazingly, these islanders are shifting their livelihoods in the face of changing seas. They explained to us how sea moss could be planted in mesh bags, lowered into the water, and harvested 6-8 weeks later. Its also extremely rich in nutrients. So far, they have mostly been blending it into a beverage and adding other flavors to it.

Ive always appreciated having exchanges of sorts with locals to learn first-hand about their ways of life. I was told that Sea|mester has been meeting with this group over the last couple of years. They were intrigued by our program, and it was the first time the farmers met up on our vessel.

We also had our 2nd night out of the trip! We had amazing ribs and wings at a beach bar called Sunshines. We enjoyed a little delicious Caribbean rum and ice-cold beers as we all danced around and had a great night. It is always fun to change up the pace a little bit with our nights out. The dingy rides back to Ocean Star in the darkness were a fun maze of dodging buoys. What a fun day spent learning and enjoying life with friends.