Location: St. Kitts and Nevis

Hey, y’all, welcome back to the blog. Once again, it’s your boy Matty G, back to give you all of the rundowns of the day. So to start off the day, we woke up with the same 7 am wake-up call by me and then had a delicious breakfast prepared by Kennedy, our head chef, with our other sous chefs, Matthew and Jon, assisting her. (Cinnamon biscuits with cream cheese frosting and cooked mixed berries.) We then broke into our new jobs that we were assigned last night on the new job wheel, with the staff and crew all working together to get daily jobs done. After this, we found out that Amy got permission from the government of St. Kitts for us to scuba dive a wreck off the coast, the River Taw Wreck. Unfortunately for me, I had just gotten sick today and had a mild ear infection that wouldn’t allow me to go scuba dive the wreck due to not being able to equalize when submerged.

The rest of the crew was then broken up into two large groups that would go dive the wreck while I had to hang back and start my fish logbook aboard Ocean Star. After everyone dove into the wreck and had seen all of the cool life living in and around the wreck, we began to depart for Nevis while I helmed the boat. It’s so great to be able to see the wreck while underway to Nevis through my fellow shipmates’ stories since I couldn’t go, and my friend Brit had given me some natural remedies to help with the congestion. After motoring for about an hour and a half, we had arrived off the coast to Nevis and dropped anchor to spend the night here. After our class with captain Carolyn, or as we call her C-money, we were able to enjoy some chicken teriyaki once again prepared by Kennedy and the sous chefs. After dinner, the Open Water students learned about dive tables with Amanda to finish up our knowledge development.

Tomorrow should be a beautiful day and a fun one because we have our second sign-out night!! For those who don’t know what that means, we can go out with some of the crew and enjoy some cold refreshing adult beverages after a long hot day. Currently, it’s 1:30 am, and I’m finishing this blog post before anchor watch, which is very relaxing, even though being woken up at 1 am isn’t my favorite thing. Once again, this is Matty G signing out. Stay tuned for more of our exciting adventures to come.

PS: Ridge, Steff, and I are starting a video log soon, and we’ll be posting our videos up on YouTube since y’all can’t see them up on this site. Whenever they’re done, we’ll put the link at the end of one of these logs.✌🏻

Pictured: Boys practicing their backflips; a crowd after the night out a few days ago; dinghy rides back to Ocean Star; Matt, Eli, and Brit in the salon; Matt at the helm; St Kitts; Miranda and Eli underway; Matt on deck; Brit serenading us; Ridge enjoying the views.