Location: Underway to Fiji

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s the word you say when you don’t know what to say. Let me tell you, friends, not knowing what to say has become a pattern here on Argo in the best possible way. These blogs may seem like our lives are monotonous – that nothing changes from day today, and we struggle to find something new to say – but that monotony has a peace to it that I just can’t articulate without Mary Poppins’ famous word.

Today, my stunning comrades on watch team 2 had watch from 4-8 AM, meaning we got to see a beautiful sunrise alongside our beautiful Pringles. After that, Watch Team 3 (and Trevor and I) spent the 8-12 watch handling all of the sails. We have had some phenomenal sailing since we left the Galapagos, and adjusting our sails today will help us continue to maximize the power the wind is giving us for the next few days. Those tasks included:
-Lowering the flying jib
-Lowering the jib
-Center lining both staysails
-Center lining the mainsail
-Shaking (removing) the reef in the mainsail
-Easing back out on the mainsail and staysails
-Raising the jib
-Raising the Fisherman
After ALL of that, everyone had a fire drill and abandon ship drill to go back over our stations with our new watch teams. Needless to say, we earned our lunch. Fortunately, Steph did a phenomenal job cooking a pineapple chickpea curry for us to enjoy.

After lunch, we were given the afternoon (plus an extra hour from a time change) to enjoy an Easter party put on by Una and Renee. We played some taboo/charades and ate too many Cadbury mini chocolate eggs. A great Easter celebration for all.

After our Easter party, we had study hall or watch, deck showers, a little more sail handling, and Steph’s delicious dinner of pasta and meatballs. For squeeze, I asked everyone what the most spontaneous thing they’ve ever done/the most fun they’ve ever had spontaneously was. We have QUITE an interesting group. After cleanup, we had an optional Bible reading for the Easter Holiday, as well as the coveted mid-passage bed sheet change.

It’s now 7:46 PM, and my new sheets are calling me. Happy Easter and goodnight to all you blog readers out there; see you one more time in Fiji!

Daily tallies:
-Number of sails handled: 6 (if you’re keeping count, we only have 6)
-Number of chocolate eggs consumed: 434
-Number of nautical miles traversed on this passage: >2000
-Number of those miles that we have SAILED with no engine: >1700
-Number of nautical miles left to Fiji: ~3500
-Number of day tank sight glasses at an all-time high: 27 (feel free to ask us what that means when we get home)

Current position:

A beautiful sunrise
Lolo, Trevor, and Bella on the fire hose
Una, Renee, Amanda, and Niko dressed in their Easter Sunday best