Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

After a very chill wake-up this morning and lemon poppyseed muffins made by Logan, Stefi, and Teddy, we got right into diving!! We swapped dives from yesterday, with each group diving in the spot they didn’t dive yesterday. My group (Maxime, Quinn, Lucy, Ted, Will, Hedrek, and Ash) dove in the Superman location today, where the current is so strong that you don’t even need to kick your fins. I saw some massive crabs hiding in sponges and huge schools of Brown Chromis! Diving has been amazing here in St. Lucia–Eamon described it as a “flourishing garden” the other day, and it’s true. The coral stretches on as far as the eye can see, rainbows of sponges litter the seafloor and all kinds of incredible fish dart by. We also got another Advanced diver today–Alexis completed her deep dive and is now certified!

We had oceanography class after lunch, during which we learned about ocean currents and El Nino and La Nina. After class, we did passage prep in advance of our sail to Rodney Bay tomorrow. Then, some research groups snorkeled to collect research, other people went for a fun swim, and others read and caught up on some homework. Dinner was a delicious buffet of chickpea gyros and veggies, and after that, it was time for a squeeze. My question was, “What activity or place puts you in a flow state, where you lose track of time and intensely focus on something?” We had answers ranging from mountain biking, to playing music, to reading, to diving, and more. After cleanup, we had a Leadership class, in which Eulalie led a riveting discussion on morality and ethics in leadership. We got a bit riled up over some of the hypotheticals she was asking us about, so we went a bit over the time limit and needed to finish up class another day. It was a very interesting discussion though, and I think everybody’s thinking was challenged by some of the questions. Now we’re off to bed before an early start tomorrow as we head back to Rodney Bay!

Photo 1: Lucy divin
Photo 2: Stefi divin
Photo 3: Coral (or is it a sponge?)
Photo 4: ^
Photo 5: ^
Photo 6: Scuba tanks ready for passage
Photo 7: Ash post-dive
Photo 8: Tate chilling on Maxime’s floatie
Photo 9: Logan after he almost fell down the companionway
Photo 10: The moon (waxing crescent)
Photo 11: Sunset
Photo 12: Sunset and dinner