Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

Happy Thanksgiving! Well today is Turkey Day and it has got to be the best thanksgiving and one I will never forget. We started the day off waking around06:30. After oatmeal for breakfast we set off to learn how to surf, it was part of a wave dynamics lab for oceanography. Simon gave us some lessons and all of us got the chance to surf as well as boogie board. Some of us were better than others, but it was loads of fun. After an exciting and tiring day of surfing we either took fresh water showers on shore, which was a nice treat, or returned to the boat for familiar deck showers before our thanksgiving night out. Eating a French thanksgiving dinner was new to all of us and better than we expected. Stuffing ourselves with delicious French food was amazing and I think the best meal I’ve had yet. Anyways it was weird to think today was thanksgiving since we are in the Caribbean on a sail boat, but we all had a great night.