Location: St. Barth's

Beach boys, Surfin’ USA, has been the theme of today, with it being surf day for the crew of Ocean Star. We started the morning with MTE class, then loaded up in the gold minivan and headed with surfboards to a local spot. We had a great little spot on the beach under some palm trees where we could lay out our towels and even a hammock. Everyone rotated on the boards, it was most of the crews’ first time surfing, and this location had the perfect waves for it. There was a nice sandy bottom with beginner size waves which was ideal for us! It was very peaceful to be out sitting on the boards waiting for the next wave set to come in and just looking around at the beautiful surroundings and truly enjoying where we were at this exact moment. Luckily for us, we can have oceanography classes anywhere, even at the beach, as we did a little discussion about the types of waves and timed the wave sets. It is great to have such a hands-on classroom!! Mid-afternoon, we decided we had enough sun and surf for one day and started the adventure back home. Everyone enjoyed the amenities of shore heads with free freshwater showers as we settle in for another OCE class this evening.