Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

The day started at 3 am when Jaq and I were woken up for anchor watch. We patiently sat through the hour, too tired to speak a single word. Aware of my skipper duties, I woke myself up at 6: 30 to prepare for wake up. At this time, I also woke up our head chef for the day, Gabe. The clock was closing in on 7 when Gabe and the sous chefs began to prepare breakfast of banana bread, cereal, and yogurt. I am a skipper for the people, so I decided to give everyone a generous ten extra minutes of sleep. As the clock struck 7:10, the speaker began to blare down in the saloon, and the crew slowly poured out of bunks. Breakfast was delicious, and we were all eager to start the day. The previous night we were put into groups. One group would go surfing today, and the other group would get shore time and then go for a fun dive. Everyone was dinghied to shore, and the surfing group took cabs to the beach. It was my first time experiencing St. Barts, and the moment I stepped onto the dock, I knew this island was different from the rest we had visited previously. St. Barts is a very wealthy island; the very first street I walked down was lined with designer brand stores and boutiques. As a 20-year old college student, my bank statement simply will not compute.

Being in the group that went surfing today, we loaded into beach-bound cabs. Even the taxies were luxury grade, and when I stepped up into a new Mercedes M class, I knew this place was serious. Fun fact: apparently, the Kardashians vacation here. As we arrived at the beach, a walkway brought us through a sand-lined alley and onto the beachfront of a very nice and expensive-looking hotel. We strolled on over to the rental shop and acquired two sea kayaks and three surfboards. Everyone had fun throughout the day surfing, kayaking, and just chilling. Some guys and I walked to a shopping center where we looked around for the cheap and delicious food, after which we headed back to the beach to meet up with everyone else.

We took a quick cab ride back to the dock and enjoyed ice cream before being dinghied back to Ocean Star. I had two coffee milkshakes and didn’t regret it. Two of my surprise, Capitano Ian had worked on the boat all day, making her shipshape, and we were now going to be docking. My spirits were lifted, and I was so happy. Last night, we had to stay out in the anchorage and carry out anchor watch, little to say I cried a small amount. When the boat was docked and everyone was aboard the ship, dinner was prepared and served. We had a great meal of coconut chicken with rice. I am currently writing this blog, but after clean-up is done, Amy and Steph will conduct a couple of Oceanography classes. Uhh ooh, I just heard the call that clean-up is done… I have to go to class now.

Yours Truly,