Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

Today was our last day in St. Barths. A much sunnier morning than yesterday, the groups switched, and half of the crew headed to Carib Beach to surf, wave kayak, and shop while the other group explored the town and went for a dive. The surf crew found a scuba shop, and updated their gear, and came back to the boat looking fresh. The town group enjoyed baguettes and jam, and a few cold drinks with beautiful views. Though there wasn’t much coral, visibility was fantastic, and we spotted a calm sea turtle who let us swim very close for a while. On our swim back, a small shark was spotted hiding under a rock. Dinner was fantastic thanks to chef Sophia, and our VHF exam and navigation class followed. Class finally ended a bit after 10, and the crew crawled away to their bunks for one last rest in St. Barths.