Location: Oranjestad, St. Eustatius

Our last morning in St. Barths was busy as we prepped Ocean Star to get off the dock and underway to St. Eustatius (Statia). Everyone tackled different jobs, from taking sail covers off to checking everything in the engine room. Around 9:30, we were completely ready, so each person took their place either manning a dock line or fender and being ready to lend a hand where needed. I’m sure onlookers from shore were impressed with our smooth exit off the dock and out of the harbor; we were just excited to be getting underway. Once our three boom sails and the jib were up and trimmed for our course, all met below deck in the saloon for a quick Oceanography class. The rocking of the boat combined with the heat of lunch cooking in the galley made even the best of us feel a bit green, but thankfully the lecture was short and sweet, and everyone could make their way up to the deck and enjoy the amazing weather we were having. The rest of the sail was spent lounging on the deck, listening to a bit of music and practicing knots. We rounded the southern point of Statia mid-afternoon and dropped sails in preparation for anchoring in the bay next to Oranjestad, where we will spend the next couple days. Safely anchored, all jumped overboard for refreshing ocean showers, after which the PADI Rescue divers in-training met for a lesson on the proper use of emergency oxygen. The setup and break down of the O2 kit was only part of the class because the students also learned what masks to use for different scenarios and then respond to instructor Amy when she started having different issues after her dive (in the cockpit). The end of the busy day we had was met with an Oceanography lecture and prompt bedtimes, with everyone eager to get enough sleep to be ready for a full day of diving tomorrow!