Location: Underway to Dominica

I awoke today, hoping to still be cruising at 5 knots. Instead, the watch team on duty was hanging out, relaxing while the crew-member on the helm was nearly reclining in their seat; 2 knots! And so close to our destination, we can taste it! Our captain started to command crew-members to chant, sing and dance to the “wind gods” in hopes that we can pick-up speed and get moving again. This seemed to work because half an hour later, a squall passed our stern, bringing a light sprinkle of rain to cool things down, and a nice burst of wind. Unfortunately, this only lasted for 45 minutes tops. After a brief encounter with almost 6 knots, we were back to sitting ducks again, moving slower than before, waiting for the next rain squall to pass. On the bright side to our slow speed was afternoon deck showers as they became Atlantic Ocean showers. Everyone was eager to start jumping overboard into +17,000 ft of water to cool off. Back-flips off the bow and belly flops made for an exciting afternoon. Finally, to end the day’s excitement, the guys did a final pose for the camera with our mustaches. As we all start to shave our mustaches, maybe the lost weight will help us pick-up a little more speed! Also, thanks to everyone for the Movember donations, in the last 24 hours, we were able to raise another $700 USD, taking us well over our $5000 goal. set date:2012-12-01


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