Location: St. Barths

A sleepy start to the day was soon washed away with some great surfing in the beautifully clear and warm waters of St. Barths. The waves were not huge but great for beginners, and everyone had a lot of fun with varying levels of success at standing up. While not surfing, everyone took advantage of some downtime by reading, napping, and listening to music on the picturesque beach. While waiting for the ride back to the beach, some of the shipmates had handstand competitions, made human pyramids, and had surfing photo shoots. Back on board, we left the dock and headed for Ile Forche, a small, uninhabited island just north of St. Barths. After a filling Mexican dinner to fill empty stomachs after an energetic day, the shipmates are cleaning up and will soon be having an MTE sailing class with Captain Al. The shipmates have all formed close bonds, and the laughter in the air is endless. It’s a very happy atmosphere and passing all too quickly. Your skipper of the day, Laurie.