Location: Gustavia, St Barths

The crew of Ocean Star awoke early this morning, eager with the anticipation of catching some waves at St. Barth’s premier surf spot, Lorient. Crew members climbed into our rental van alongside a few longboards for the short ride to the beach. The surf at Lorient wasn’t so large, but despite the mini-waves, shipmates and staff alike enjoyed paddling around and trying to catch the occasional swells that rolled through. We dined on French baguettes, cheese, and ham for lunch and then headed back to Gustavia around 1400 for some “town time.” At. 4:30, all were back aboard, showering and preparing for our dinner out at Le Bouchon, a restaurant just outside of Gustavia. The hearty meal out was enjoyed by all, and a good night’s sleep was soon to follow. The perfect end to another great day in the French Islands!