Location: Underway to Maldives

Our first night of many in the Maldives went smoothly. The sea was calm, and unlike our first overnight passage, no one was seasick with their heads over the cap rails,” everyone was excited. Throughout the night and morning, all of the watch teams received a personal aquatic show from pods of dolphins. For some, the show was especially enticing due to the bioluminescent trails behind the dolphins, which supposedly (I missed it) was somewhat magical. Besides the dolphins whipping side to side dead ahead of the bowsprit, flying fish have been tagging along on our journey, soaring inches above the waves for up to 100, maybe 200 feet. The flying fish amaze me; in fact, one landed on the boat during my watch and needed rescuing, so I happily obliged. After a beautiful sunrise, music began playing in the saloon, and faces started appearing on deck. Our first full day in the midst of passage was quite enjoyable. French onion soup for lunch was delicious, followed by a walk-through of parts of the boat, including many of the lines needed to join the 100-club (a club in which you know all the lines on the boat; many plans to join). After MTE class, in which we learned more about passage prep, we had a review session for our first marine biology quiz. Thank you, Carolyn, for turning it into an educational game. Finally, showers were taken, and eventually, dinner was served ” a tasty pasta bolognese. We then had a special treat of mango and coconut rice for dessert, as the mangoes needed to be eaten, and we were very happy to help out. So far, so good in the open seas. We’re all looking forward to being in the Indian Ocean.