Location: Green Island

Wednesday was another busy day, full of rescue diving fun and activities. Following breakfast, we got right to work, finishing up training videos and knowledge reviews. After gearing up and jumping into the water, we practiced surfacing our unresponsive dive buddies, giving rescue breaths, and hauling them into Exy without giving them a mouth full of saltwater. Training continued after lunch as we learned how to set up and function emergency oxygen systems. With a bit of downtime to spare before dinner, some of the crew took time to catch up on rest, prepare emergency action plans, snorkel about on science dives, and read. Others set up the boom swing off of Ocean Star and spent a few hours launching themselves into the refreshing sea. We gathered around the helm for a delicious Thanksgiving-style dinner, each giving thanks for our wonderful shipmates and amazing Seamester experience aboard Ocean Star. Post-suppertime was spent reviewing for our upcoming Oceanography quiz and preparing for another day of rescue diving tomorrow.