Location: Green Island, Antigua

Water, lots of water. Air, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, breath. Earth, a little bit of earth. And fire, always fire.

We can say that we had a very complete day with all elements involved.

After a great sunrise and a wonderful breakfast, as usual, we started our walk through the elements. First came water, a necessary element for the final part of our diver education (so far): The PADI rescue diver course. Go places, do things… Rescue people. We had a theory as well as praxis all morning, stopped for a quick lunch, and went back to it in the afternoon. It was exhausting at times (panicking is exhausting!) and even had to move through the earth, our next element, for a brief period. We discovered that the sediment at Green Island, Antigua, is of the fine kind, and it stirs easily. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it. The mood was good, the team was awesome, motivated, and eager to learn, and we had air, the third element, to keep going and to share, 1, 2, 3,4, 5, breath, for as long as necessary.

In the evening, we were rewarded with a great beach barbecue organized by Tyler, where everybody pitched in. It included piles of greatly grilled food, tasty sides, cake, and fire, the fourth element. Naturally, the day was topped with some squeeze-dancing around the fire.