Location: Saba

This morning we woke up to our final breakfast at St. Barth’s, cereal, and fresh-cut fruit…YUM! Cleanup was swift, and then it was off to OceanStar for a final review before departing. Upon finishing our review, we swapped our homey cat, Firebolt, for the relentless classic yacht, OceanStar. Looking forward to a 6-hour passage from St. Barth’s to Saba on our new ship for the day, we quickly got our passage prep finished, got off the dock, and out the harbor. Quickly picking up on all the new lines on O-star, we got four of the six sails up, and we were cruising towards Saba. Since we were sailing with the wind, the passage was beautifully pleasant and calm, with the exception of a few swells. For lunch, our hosts of OceanStar made us a delicious tortilla and white bean soup. The same soup, which we spilled across the deck, due to the inconvenience of such a delicate meal combined with the motion of the ocean, but none-the-less, it was delicious. After arriving in Saba, we noticed a luxurious yacht that had run aground on the rocks; we were thankful we had our training to keep us out of that situation. It was quite a sight watching the salvage crew do what they can to piece together the once functional ship. Once we were settled and our anchor tight, we were shuttled back to our Firebolt and had a mouthwatering meal of tortellini and fresh salad. Cleaning the dishes was quick since there was nothing left of our meal. Post-cleanup, we had taken our seamanship exam, of course, we all passed! It is getting dark, and we are watching the sunset just above the light blue water that surrounds us. Goodnight readers of the Seamester blog, see you soon.