Location: Nevis - Antigua

Good Evening from Antigua! My day as skipper was an interesting one from the start as I was given the daunting task of waking up, the crew members of Firebolt 45 minutes earlier than normal for breakfast and passage prep. While it took a few more nudges, everyone was awake and pleasantly surprised with a set table and steaming hot water for our oatmeal breakfast. After breakfast, we began to prepare the boat for our passage to Antigua. It was all hands on deck as we secured our dinghy, Nimbus, eased the lazy jack, and cleared the lifelines of towels and bathing suits, making for a quick and easy passage prep. By 8:00, we were free of the mooring ball in Nevis and began our journey to Antigua! While our crew was a little nervous for this sail as the last one ended with more food in the ocean than in our stomachs, we all survived with not one-sea sick member aboard, which was a huge improvement. Our chef’s Ruby and Olivia cooked up an incredible lunch of grilled cheese while we were underway, which isn’t easy to do while the skillet is shifting all over the stovetop, but they were delicious! After lunch, Brian, Ashley, David, and I played hot potato with orange near the stern of the boat to pass the time. It was a huge distraction from the saltwater that was spraying over the boat, but we may have lost one too many oranges to the choppy sea. A couple of hours and a few tacks later, we began our ascent into the bay of Antigua. Just as we dropped our sails, we were surrounded by a gorgeous sunset that accompanied us as we docked Firebolt in the marina. We did a stern docking this time, so our knot tying skills came in handy from our Seamanship class on Wednesday as we tied bowlines to all four of the dock lines, as well as clove hitches to our fenders. Upon our arrival, we were pleasantly surprised with the option to take freshwater showers on board the boat. WOOO! I definitely take for granted my access to clean, fresh bathing water when I’m home and have a newfound appreciation for ocean showers and constantly being covered in saltwater. Dinner tonight of chicken and risotto followed by brownies finished off what was a perfect day on the water. It’s now 9:30 pm, and we are beginning our second seamanship class of the trip, where we will learn about points of sail and parts of the sail. Until next time!