Location: Nevis

As we move forward in our endeavors to become true sailors of the seas, we woke up this morning, both confused and excited: it was our first land day. With our faithful little dinghy, Nimbus, still recovering from the previous night’s activities, we hitchhiked rides from the Ocean Star Crew and were soon on land. People divided themselves up; some went kayaking around the island, followed by some relaxing beach time, others opted to ride horses down the shoreline then roam around town, and then the final brave handful that decided to take on the behemoth that is the bike ride around the island of Nevis. Three things present in abundance on the island of Nevis: goats, kind-hearted people who look for every opportunity to wave, smile and start-up conversation, and tiny winding uphill roads… the recipe for quite the incredible 5-hour bike ride. As we rode around the island (yes, it is just as cool as it sounds), the beautiful forests of trees and greenery sheeting the mountains to our right could only have been balanced by the stunning beauty of the ocean to our left. Every you looked, you can see, dotting the greenery, brightly colored houses of all colors accenting the beauty of the island.

The uphill battle was as tough as we heard, but that did not deter our crew as we held up the front of our little bike line all the way up the winding roads until we finally got to the top of the hill where we sat at a local cafeteria, once again getting to experience a first-hand view of the culture. The locals there very excitingly talked to us about cricket, brought us mangoes, and encouraged us that the next part of the ride was going to be easier. A couple of hours, two downhill miles, and a lot of pavement later, we finally arrived back to the docks and set off back to Firebolt: never were showers more need, and rest more appreciated, but after a short rest and a few card games, we were ready to go ashore again to the infamous Sunshine’s.

Dressing up and hitchhiking more rides from the Ocean Star Crew, we finally made it to Sunshine’s beachside bar and restaurant where we had time to finally relax and mingle with the Ocean Star Crew. After buying a few crew bracelets and some great food later, our crew felt like family, and everyone felt it: We were the life of the party. After the morning’s antics, we thought it only appropriate to throw a dance party, where our boy Li’l Publix (aka Brian) KILLED IT. Seriously, Mr. and Mrs. Wroblewski, he is incredible. Alas, it was time to call in an incredible night as we had to leave early the next day. But to top off an already phenomenal day, the crew came back to Firebolt and sat on the top deck and hung out: if it isn’t abundantly clear yet, our crew freakin loves each other. And I think there’s no better way to end tonight’s blog than with that. So good night, everyone.

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