Location: Fernando de Noronha

Today most of us spent the morning on the beach playing sports together. It was really fun doing a group activity together on land. Eli got tackled into the ocean by Kris, which gave us all a good laugh. The rest of the afternoon was filled with lunch, naps, and studying. We are getting ready for all of our midterms right now, which will all take place this week. We decided to try and finish most of our classwork and classes before the Caribbean to fully enjoy each other and the islands. It’s really interesting to see a lot of the birds we have been learning about in class and be aware of all the boat rules. Tonight we watched the huge waves crash into the rocks on shore while we ate a curry dinner. Surprisingly, we have bigger swells here while we are anchored than when we are making our way. We have OCE class now and our last full night’s sleep before we leave for passage tomorrow. Brazil was fun.