Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

The first part of our day today was dedicated to a volunteering trip to the St. Peter’s RC primary school in Gouyave. After an hour-long drive past colorful villages and lush greenery, we arrived at the school and were warmly greeted by all the kids and the staff. Emma was quick to collect the whole school in fun games while Will and Jack taught their favorite dance moves. Everyone’s moods were instantly boosted, seeing all the happy faces around us, and we were ready to start our classes. It was an exceptional experience for all of us, as we got to introduce the kids to marine conservation, sailing, and diving.

In the afternoon, we all got time to explore the St. George city center and the marina. Some of us used it to catch up on journaling and restock our snack supplies, while others hiked up to see the fort and taste traditional dishes. On our way back to Ocean Star, we had the best dingy ride ever (decided by all). We then enjoyed a great dinner of ratatouille and sausages made by Ian before finishing our day with a fun squeeze question.

‘Til next time, Grenada!