Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today aboard Vela, we had a pretty laid-back, fun day full of swimming and diving. After breakfast, we were notified to put on sunscreen as some of the students look like lobsters already. We had clean-up and relaxation time before we started diving. I took in the scenery of Mountain Point Island, where we are currently anchored, as I laid on the nets at the bow of the boat. I still can’t believe I’m sitting in the BVIs. Me and 3 other students got to go on our first ever group wreck dive without an instructor. It was intense dropping down into the water when you couldn’t see the wreck beneath the surface, but it was all worth it. We were left to our own devices because most of the crew had other important work to be done, but we handled it. We all took ocean showers and ate pasta with tomato sauce for dinner. Tonight will be my first anchor watch shift which I’m excited about.
Savanna P