Location: Orient Harbor, Long Island, NY

This morning the crew enjoyed a highly enthusiastic wakeup from their skipper as today was the fateful day that Argo and her crew finally set off from the dock in Mystic, CT, bound for Long Island. After yet another incredible breakfast, the crew learned how to get the boat ready to take off from the dock and, most importantly, how to unhook the lines that held her to it because apparently, you can’t leave the dock until that happens. The chosen few who were tasked with unhooking the lines from the dock then followed Argo in a dinghy until we got to a point where it was safe for them and the dinghy to be hoisted aboard. Once our fearless leader Tim maneuvered Argo out of the harbor, some students got the opportunity to helm the boat, which was a little more difficult for some to give up than others. But not to worry, I have been assured that everyone will have plenty more opportunities to do so. Along with helming, the crew was also tasked with bow watch, yet another extremely important but enjoyable experience. After a refreshing day sails into Orient Harbor, the crew of Argo then learned how to anchor the vessel and, after a fulfilling dinner, now prepares for the first night of anchor watch. All in all, another fantastic day on Argo, which is assuredly just one of many more to come.

Pictured Below:
The Argo crew excitedly cleaning after their enthusiastic wakeup
The dinghy crew being prepared to be hoisted aboard
The crew hoisting up the dinghy on deck
First stints of helming and bow watch
And the Argo crew learning how to anchor the ship