Location: Mystic, CT

After the initial shock of our 7am wake up call we are all slowly getting adjusted to our new sleep schedule. However, my job of waking up the crew was made easy by an early morning fire drill getting everyone up and on deck. After a big breakfast, we spent the day going through safety drills with our new watch teams. We learned how to attach the fire hoses to the water source and what to do in case of a man-overboard situation. After a delicious stir-fry lunch, we had our first class introductions in marine biology and seamanship. I know I’m not alone in saying I’m super stoked to be back to in-person classes as opposed to zoom lectures. Later a group of us headed up to the cockpit to get started on our marine bio ID log books and get in a quick workout/yoga session before dinner.

Pictured: crew practicing man-overboard drills with Smash and Sam; Michael using the on-board fire hose; our new classroom set-up; and Bella, Anna, and Mo working on ID books.