Location: Mystic, CT

After sleeping ’til 10 during quarantine, waking up this morning at 6:45 was no easy feat. However, I was tasked with waking the rest of my shipmates up by 7… But to my pleasant surprise everyone loved waking up to my smiling face. We then ate a quick breakfast and went over various safety and drug policies. Side note, apparently drugs are illegal. We then tried on our Gumby suits which were not as comfortable as they look. After lunch we broke up into four groups and were taught about every section of Argo, but don’t worry it wasn’t overwhelming at all. I was further hit with some shocking news that there would be no flushing of TP while at dock… understandable. When dinner came around the corner our chefs (Anna, Nolan, and Lolo) went the distance making an immaculate taco dinner. I for one was stuffed going into our introduction to academics meeting, and was ready to call it a night after our first full day aboard Argo.