Location: Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe

Time really does change people. The experiences that we all share together every single day have begun to shine through each of us individually and as a whole. Today we woke up and had breakfast as normal. Then we were informed that to mix things up a little. We were going to change watch teams. As we prepared to do our first sail raise and boat prep in our new teams, I realized that it really doesn’t matter anymore what team we are in or who we are lopped together with because when we are working with each other, we all collaborate very well. Everyone knows their job and the role that they play. We can communicate on any level with one another, and in retrospect, we can help each other out whenever it’s needed. The sail raises went as smoothly as ever, and we began our lovely sail to Guadeloupe, where we arrived around mid-afternoon to enjoy some free time, study hall, and showers. Another excellent and knowledge-expanding day on Ocean Star has passed over, and all we felt was the hot sun, and fresh wind washes over our beaming faces. Abigail Dorothy