Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

To conclude our stay in Dominica, we sailed up the coast to the Northwest part of the island and anchored in Portsmouth. The trip only took a few hours, and we dropped sail and anchored under sail. Upon arrival, two water taxis greeted us, ready to take us to shore to start our lab on the Indian River. The river flowed out of the heart of the island and into the bay. Our job was to measure the temperature, the salinity, and the visibility of the water at different intervals from the mouth of the river inland. Once upriver as far as we could go, we stopped off at a small restaurant and bar where our guide Cobra made us all fresh orange and passion fruit juice. The Indian River was full of life and lush vegetation creating a pristine tour of the island’s native wildlife. The slow row boats allowed us to finish our data collection with ample time to admire the natural beauty of Dominica.