Location: Dominica

Today we went on a gnarly all day hike with Pancho through hot springs. I had woken up with pretty bad nausea, but I decided to go on the hike anyway because, even though me and bbygail lagged about an hour behind everyone else, it was so much better than staying on the boat all day, in my opinion. Also, I always find that I feel so much better, physically and emotionally, after a hike. Anyway the beginning of the hike was pretty easy. Abbygail, Pancho, and I shared stories and we found out that were all Libras, along with Kristine, our marine biology instructor. Then the hike got pretty rigorous until it leveled off at the top of the mountain where we witnessed the most beautiful view yet of all the mountains and hot springs. About an hour or a half down from there is where we ate lunch. Pancho boiled eggs for us in the hot spring, and made us fresh juice with fruit, water, and sugar. Then we made mud masks and continued down a little while until we got to the hot spring that was cool enough for us to swim, and it was the most relaxing Jacuzzi Ive ever been in. After a few minutes of rejuvenation we headed to the boiling lake, which looked pretty intimidating, especially standing so close. A few boys threw rocks in to see what would happen, but they just sank. Not too exciting. The hike up was brutal. Abbygail and I fell further behind and took a lot of breathers, but that’s okay because we get to see the scenery better when we go slower. When we got back to the boat we dined on sausages, corn and green beans. This evening we finish up oceanography presentations and tomorrow its off to Portsmouth!