Location: Dominica

Today was an action-packed day! After a delicious breakfast of eggs scramble, we headed ashore to meet our guide SeaCat for our tour of the Nature Isle- Dominica. He wasn’t having the best morning because he was (unsuccessfully) trying to beach his boat to escape the swell. He enlisted the help of the Ocean Star crew to bring the boat ashore- though it was a little worse for wear and filled with water. We then jumped in the SeaCat mobile, which is decorated with an octopus on the exterior and floral upholstering on the interior, and set out to explore the island. When you roll with SeaCat, one of the first things you’ll notice is that he knows everyone on the island, and people are constantly honking their horns or waving hello. His tour consists of visiting people all over the island- they greet us with an Ire (which basically means things are going well) and then invite us into their homes and onto their land to pick delicious fruits off their trees. We basically spent the whole day gorging ourselves on fresh grapefruit, passion fruit, sugar cane, coconut, cassava bread, and chocolate we ground ourselves. We ate lunch at a beach near the Carib territory on the windward side of the island and then spent the afternoon swimming in waterfalls. We first visited the picturesque Emerald Pool and then Trafalgar Falls- a twin waterfall that also hosts a series of hot water pools at the bottom- where we soaked and relaxed after our exhausting day of eating. We returned back to the boat with large bags of fruit to restock the galley and had a delicious meal of jerk chicken, wild rice, and salad prepared by our chefs Matt and Thad (I think we all gained at least ten pounds today). This evening the shipmates are giving presentations on their literature reviews and looking forward to a well-deserved rest.