Location: Dominica

Today was a good one. We had just finished putting together oceanography presentations the night before and everyone was feeling a sense of relief. We woke up early for breakfast and met the dive boat at 8:30am. It was a two-tank dive meaning we visited two different sites. The highlights of the dives for me were the huge drop off at the first reef, scorpion fish, spotted drum, and a few different eels. I also saw a couple big octopus and some underwater sulfur vents. After the dive everyone was starving and we went back to the boat for some Tuscan White Bean soup. After lunch we had shore time till 5:00. A group of us walked into town to check out the flea market. Life in Dominica seems really chill, everyone gives off good vibes and the town is really clean. People here care about keeping their streets clean and forests clean. I noticed only a few pieces of trash on the side of the road. After our shore time we went back to the boat, showered, and took the dinghies back to shore for dinner and a night out.