Location: Phuket

We started off this morning anchored at Ko Racha Island, which is about 13 miles away from Phuket. Last night we had an awesome Thanksgiving feast at a plush hotel on the island, but instead of turkey, we had a choice of steak, chicken, or fish. We also got to hang out afterward, on the beach with our feet in the sand. We left Ko Racha island this morning with sails raised and the engine off. We also broke our timed record for raising the sails with a new time of 11.5 minutes! When we arrived back in Phuket, we did a quick deck wash and prepared ourselves for the traditional Thanksgiving feast that was in store for tonight. After several hours of intense cooking and people slaving in the galley looking for any scraps of turkey they could get their hands on, dinner was finally laid out on top of the chart house. Here’s a taste of the extravagant menu we had to choose from: two huge pans of tender turkey, fresh corn casserole, stuffing (correction: bomb stuffing), perfectly cooked string beans, tasty mashed taters, delicious gravy to spread over every morsel. Last but definitely not least, pumpkin and apple pie melted in our mouths and excited every taste bud known to man. By the end, people were beginning to fade off with overfull bellies, but Brian stayed strong with five servings. The meal was amazing, and it made me smile when one of the shipmates remarked how it felt like she was eating with a bunch of siblings because it hit me how much like a family we really are.