Location: Author: Andi

We aim to try something new everyday, today it was a traditional Wales breakfast here in English Harbor. After an awesome breakfast it was OCE class, consisting of physical oceanography, wind patterns, and the Coriolis Effect. After class we jumped in the dinghy and rode over to our next lab at The Arches of Hercules. We hiked to the cliffs on the windward side of the island and saw thousands, if not millions, of snails and hermit crabs. We also even saw a baby octopus slinking across the rocks until he quickly realized we were there watching and tried blending in with the rocks. After the lab was an optional shore lunch and more time to explore the harbors, followed by an optional reef/research dive. The divers found an enormous 15 foot anchor on the bottom complete with massive chain links. Later, most of the students took advantage of the shore showers before dinner. After dinner was an SLD class, where Ed taught everyone how to make bracelets, and Meaghan gave a presentation along with demonstrations on massage therapy and reflexology; a great way to end a tiring day.